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ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller
ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller
ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller
ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller
ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller
ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller

ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller

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ATMegaZero – an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board with a Raspberry Pi Zero form factor!

ATMegaZero Colorful header


Today’s maker has a plethora of development targets to choose from: Arduino, Raspberry Pi…and countless others. ATMegaZero combines the ease of use of the Arduino development environment with the compact form factor of the Raspberry Pi Zero. Based on the same ATmega32U4 microcontroller as the Arduino Leonardo, the ATMegaZero has a 40-pin Raspberry Pi-compatible GPIO header, plus an 8-pin interface for easy integration of Wi-Fi via the inexpensive ESP-01S ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module. A 30-pin FPC connector allows the simple addition of an attractive screen for debugging and visualization, and the micro USB port – primarily used for power and uploading code – also doubles as a human interface device (HID), allowing the ATMegaZero to emulate a keyboard, mouse, or game controller. Combined with an on-board microSD card module, the ATMegaZero already has many of the features that you might buy additional Arduino shields or Raspberry Pi HATs to obtain – all at no additional cost. And the ever-increasing ecosystem of ATMegaZero shields (which also work with the Raspberry Pi) means the ATMegaZero grows with you, from novice to expert, from blinking an LED to complex data logging or whatever you can imagine!

What’s Included?

  • ATMegaZero Arduino-compatible microcontroller board
  • Raspberry Pi-compatible header pins – choose male or female, pre-soldered or solder-it-yourself – or choose our colorful header pins for an easy visual GPIO reference
  • GPIO reference card – handy visual pinout reference so you don’t have to search online


Technical Specs

ATMegaZero Tech Specs
ATMegaZero Stack Demo

Pinout Diagram

ATMegaZero Pinout Diagram

Why ATMegaZero?

  • The perfect way to get started with programming microcontrollers
  • Our free guides show you how to use every available feature, giving you the skills and confidence to create whatever new projects you can imagine!
  • An ever-expanding array of ATMegaZero shields provide limitless functionality and possibilities!
  • Built-in ADCs allow easy connection to analog inputs with no additional hardware
  • USB HID enables emulation of mouse, keyboard, or game controller on your computer
  • Microcontroller-based architecture is optimized for real-time deterministic operations, unlike Raspberry Pi’s non-RTOS kernel


ATMegaZero OLED Display Instructions

ATMegaZero with Blue OLED Display

ATMegaZero Colorful Pins

Other ATMegaZero Products

Here are some upcoming shields made for the ATMegaZero microcontroller which will also be compatible with the Raspberry Pi. Coming Soon!

    ATMegaZero Sensors Shield

    ATMegaZero LORA Shield
    ATMegaZero LORA Shield

           ATMegaZero RPI Converter Shield

    ATMegaZero Rpi Converter Shield Demo

    ATMegaZero RTC Shield

    FREE Enclosure 3D Printer File

    You can download and 3D print this cute enclosure made for the ATMegaZero board on thingiverse.com.  Click here for more info.
    ATMegaZero 3D Printer Enclosure

    Getting Started

    You can find full documentation at https://atmegazero.com . The website contains all the information you need to configure your board, use the Arduino Software (IDE), and start tinkering with coding and electronics.

    ATMegaZero Arduino IDE

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