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ATMegaZero Bundle #1
ATMegaZero Bundle #1
ATMegaZero Bundle #1
ATMegaZero Bundle #1
ATMegaZero Bundle #1

ATMegaZero Bundle #1

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ATMegaZero, an Arduino-like microcontroller in a Raspberry Pi Zero form factor!

The ATMegaZero is a microcontroller board based on the Atmel ATMega32U4 microchip, the same chip used in the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro. It was modeled after the Raspberry PI Zero to take advantage of its sleek design and form factor but in the form of a microcontroller board. Similar to the Raspberry Pi Zero the ATMegaZero comes with 40 GPIO pins that can be used as input or output for interfacing devices and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE software.

Package Includes:

  • 1x ATMegaZero Microcontroller
  • 1x ESP8266 Wifi Module (ESP-01S)
  • 1x Black Header Pins (Male or Female based on selection). Colorful header pins only included if selected from the Style selection.


Note: Unless you choose the Pre-Soldered option, the board will come with the header pins unsoldered.

ATMegaZero OLED Display Instructions

    Full documentation & sample code at https://atmegazero.com

    ATMegaZero Pinout

    Benefits of the ATMegaZero

    ✅  Very easy to get started. 
    ✅  The ATMegaZero comes with a built-in USB which makes the ATMegaZero recognizable as a mouse or keyboard on your computer. 
    ✅  The ATMegaZero is best used for deterministic real-time operations, is fully predictable as to when it will do something and exactly how long it will take.
    ✅  Directly connect analog sensors without the need for an external analog to digital converter (ADC).
    ✅  ATMegaZero makes hardware projects simple.

      ATMegaZero Components


      • Core: ATmega32U4 microcontroller running at 16MHz
      • Memory: 32KB Flash, 2.5KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROM
      • GPIO: 40 pins header
      • Digital I/O: 17
      • Analog Input: 6
      • GND pins: 8
      • +3V3 pins: 2
      • +5V pins: 2
      • ESP-01 GPIO pins: 2 (direct access to the ESP-01 GPIO pins)
      • PWM Channels: 7
      • Communication: UART/SPI/I2C
      • SD Card: Micro SD Card module for saving data (read/write)
      • OLED Display: 32 pins OLED Display port (compatible with 30 pins SSD1306 & SSD1331)
      • WiFi: Pinout for connecting an ESP-01(S) WIFI Module (Module Not Included)
      • Operating Voltage: 5V
      • Dimensions: 2.6"x1.2" (65mmx30mm)
      • Weight: 0.5oz
      • Software: Works out of the box with the Arduino IDE (Win/OSX/Linux)

      ATMegaZero Press



      ATMegaZero with ESP-01S Wifi Module

      * ATMegaZero with ESP-01S Wifi Module installed.

      * Photo showing the ATMegaZero working with the OLED Display

      * Photo showing the ATMegaZero connected to Wifi using the ESP-01S Wifi Module

      * Photo showing the ATMegaZero with Protoboard and OLED Display and Temperature Sense.

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      Love the way that it is interconnected, as well as the ability to use the Raspberry Pi prototyping boards and hats.